Personal Development

A Real Princess Has Grace


Yesterday A number of years ago, I thought of myself as a princess. No I’m not delusional. I didn’t ACTUALLY think I was a princess (out loud). I liked to spend time daydreaming about what my life could be like if I weren’t stuck in the situation that I was in. Usually I was feeling depressed and alone or broke and self-loathing. When I was feeling those things, I would do 1 of any 3 different things (and sometimes, probably all 3). I would either (1) eat junk food, (2) shop or (3) dream of a different life. Afterwards...

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Save Me from My Existential Identity Crisis

question everything

About 7 months ago, I started a program in Inclusive Education at The Ohio State University. Inclusive Education is the practice of teaching a mixed ability classroom (having special needs and regular education students in the same classroom). I chose this program because it went well with my Bachelor’s degree in Special Education. I needed to take some classes in order to get my certificate renewed to teach in the State of Ohio. The only problem is that I left teaching in 2003 and have not had any desire to return. I began the program for a number of...

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Women’s Money Week: I was Young, Dumb and Totally Naive

This week has been Women’s Money Week. I wrote about Saving earlier this week and posted How to Create a Budget That Works for You. I have talked about my issues with money at great length on this blog. I’m not going to deny how ridiculous it sounds. There have been many educated people who have commented on my history with less than stellar comments. I think that when you understand money and have the type of mind that thinks ahead then stories like mine will sound ridiculous but when you’ve struggled with money, my story isn’t all that...

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