And the winner is…..

July 31, 2010

No surprise here! The winner won with about half of the votes!

The name of my new (to me) car is….

Marquis Mark

I will admit that I didn’t love this name at first. I mean, I felt like this car was a she. The previous owner said it was a she. But this name just seems right, ya know?
Then last night, thanks to the suggestion of my friend Angie I came up with the answer.

Marquis Mark is in fact a LGBT vehicle. She He is a female to male transexual.

So refer to her him appropriately.

Congrats to Beth who suggested the winning name. Beth, please send me an email at DebtPrincess at gmail.com with your address so that I can send you your prize!

Thanks for playing along everyone. It was fun!

Check back tomorrow for “Where’s the Debt version August 1, 2010″

2 Responses to And the winner is…..

  1. SoMo Mom on August 10, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    Funny post! Found you from Bloggy Moms & am now following. Love the idea behind your blog. Good for you for taking the plunge! Looking forward to watching your progress.
    In the meantime, check us out at http://www.southernmomentum.com. It's where all the sleep-deprived moms hang out!


  2. CBS The Early Show Ways to Save Money | The Debt Princess on January 26, 2011 at 3:37 pm

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