“got you jumpin’ and pumpin’ and movin’ all around”*

February 18, 2011

Nearly 11 years ago, my father suffered a massive heart attack that took his life at the age of 50. He suffered from symptoms during the two days just prior to the Monday of his death.

Had there been a known antidote or cure, my father could very easily have been saved.

Shortly after his passing many family and friends began raising funds for the American Heart Association. It is one of my preferred charities to give to when I can. I am passing that on to my children, starting with my 8yr old, Ean.

Ean will be participating in Jump Rope for Heart on February 24th. He is trying to raise money for it and wanted me to reach out to people “online.”

He requested that I blog about it, instead I’m going to let you read his own words.

On Donations:

“I think they should give money to it because I would really like to help raise money for kids & people who have heart disease.”

On Jump Rope for Heart:

“I think it’s a good program because it saves people’s lives because the money they use is put into helping those who are sick. And the jump roping is good for your own heart.”

On American Heart Association:

“It helps find cures. And cures help people live longer. It would have helped my grandpa live longer.”

On trying to spend money I don’t have:

“I would like the poeple to know that if they can donate money I would like my mom to give out prizes or something.

Prizes like an iPod!   (Me: YEA um-mm NO!)

We could give them supplies like food?   (Me: should we give away your peanut butter? Ean: NO! never mind that.)

A medal? A Note? Or a Thank you card.”

So I am, in conjunction with Ean offering up a Thank you to everyone who donates in his name. You will receive a genuine copy of an original piece of art work by Ean. Ean’s work has been seen in the school hallway, his mom’s room and most recently selected as 1 of 3 pieces to be hung in the school office. Do not miss this chance to own an exact duplicate (via high res digital photo) of this highly anticipate new piece from Ean.

Ean has a few final words:

If you chose to donate, please follow this link to donate through his Jump Rope for Heart web page.

*Title lyrics belong to Kriss Kross and their epic song “Jump”
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