My Story

The Vision Quest – Part 3

Here it is March 2010. A large hole has opened up in front of me and I’ve fallen in. I’m in over my head and I’m not sure if there’s a way out of this hole. I have no job, no car to get to a job and a large number of bill collectors calling me throughout the day. To say that I’m stressed would be putting it mildly. I spend every minute thinking of this, thinking of how I am going to fix it. How am I going to make our lives better? How am I going to...

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The Vision Quest – Part 2

Here it is; the post I have been dreading and putting off publishing. I know my grand total of debt owed. I am shocked by the amount, I didn’t know it would be so high. I am embarrassed to announce this. I know that I have family members and friends reading this blog and it is making me ill to admit it to the world. However, I know that this is the first step. I’m admitting that I have a serious problem. Right? Before I get to the total amount I owe, let me take a walk down memory...

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The Vision Quest-Part 1

I have been developing this blog in my head for months. I’ve tried to come up with the right mix of intelligence, humor, helpful hints and intrigue. I have no idea if I have what a blog needs to keep readers entertained and returning week after week. I will, however give it my best shot. My story is not unlike many other stories of the journey to a mountain of debt. And I will get into my full story soon. But for now I will say that I have three types of debt; Credit Card debt, School Loans and...

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