Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned is a series of posts that show what I have learned in my journey to become debt free.

No Restaurants in November Wrap-Up

Well here it is, December 2011. It’s hard to believe another year is about to be in the history books. Before I go on complaining about the speed of life, let’s talk about November’s No Restaurant Challenge. No surprise here, I did fail. However it wasn’t a total loss. I did reduce the amount of money I spent over the previous two months and the few times I did eat out, I was very conscientious about it. The boys and I went to two restaurants, a McDonald’s and Bob Evans. With McDonald’s we split a meal deal that they have...

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Lesson Learned: Be Thorough When Renting an Apartment

In my excitement to move out of my mother’s home, I neglected some very important aspects of the apartment hunting process. Let’s be honest here; I was desperate! I wanted out of it so badly that I would have moved into any apartment in any part of town that wasn’t rat/bug infested. I did manage that but I instead, I moved into an apartment that was/is mold infested. I made a few mistakes when I moved the first time. I’d like to share them with you so that you do not make these same mistakes. 1. I did not...

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Keeping up with the Joneses: A Lesson Learned

 There is a blog that I regularly read. I have had the pleasure of getting to know a bit about the author of it over the past couple of months. We’ve talked on twitter a few times and I’ve really enjoyed what she’s written in her blog posts. Recently I got to thinking about her blog. Her Alexa ranking is better than mine, she has many more readers than I do, her posts are funnier and she always seems to find things to say. Not to mention her fabulous accomplishments with her debt. I found myself beginning to wonder...

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