Below is a list of items and products I have found useful, you may as well.


That Makes Me Sick by Larry Winget – His approach may be unconventional but there are occasions when the truth hurts just enough to open your eyes. This book did it for me. I refer back to it frequently to remind myself of roadblocks in my success to becoming debt free.

- Most financial bloggers and those who have worked to free themselves from debt have read this book. In my mind, nothing makes more sense than Dave Ramsey’s steps. I may not agree with everything he says but the “baby steps” are cruicial, I believe.


Enemy of Debt - This was one of the first blogs I found when I was searching for others like me. I’m happy to be a regular contributor to this site and gladly call Brad Chaffee a friend. I, proudly, contribute to his blog.

Earning Money Online

Find The Best- A powerful data-driven comparison engine that makes everyday decisions easier. Find the best savings accounts or the best online brokers


Dave Ramsey’s cash wallet thingies

Kids Piggy Banks from Dave Ramsey – Both of my children have these and I’m so glad that they do. They understand the need to save for long-term goals, spending and giving. We focus on one charity each year to donate a portion of our money. Currently we are giving to The Ronald McDonald House.

Kids Audio CDs from Dave Ramsey - These are completely annoying, they need to be rerecorded with better voices. However, my kids like to listen to them and we discuss each story after listening to them and I reference them when similar situations occur.

Various Non-Finance Items

EasyLunchBoxes – I love, Love, LOVE EasyLunchBoxes! These are great money savers as you can buy in bulk and avoid pre-packaged snack items. You also avoid needing to buy plastic, Ziploc bags. They are sturdy and well made. Both my children and I have EasyLunchBoxes.



 Some of these links are affiliate links and I will receive a monetary payment if you choose to purchase any of them. If you do, I thank you!

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