The Roth IRA Movement

A few weeks ago Jeff Rose (@jjeffrose on Twitter) sent out a tweet asking bloggers to join in a new project he had in the works. He wanted to get the word out about investing in Roth IRAs and was hoping to get a few bloggers to join him. It has ballooned into more than 140 bloggers and a number of large organizations like The Wall Street Journal. I love when the Personal Finance community comes together to do something awesome! I sent Jeff a tweet and accepted the challenge, even though I know VERY Little about Roth IRAs...

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Save My Generation

save generation x

  My new posting schedule calls for today to be a “What Not to Do” post but I’m forgoing that for this special post. But don’t you worry, our next lesson in what not to do will be here next week. I worry a lot about my credit score, my savings account, my amount of debt and living within my means. Over the years I have worried about the same things at varying degrees. The one thing that I never worried about was my retirement. I never worried because it wasn’t something ever discussed with me. My parents never...

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