Debt Reduction

10 Things I Have Done That You Should NEVER Ever Do

stupid financial mistakes

I recently read a blog post about the biggest money mistakes that people make. I was shocked to see that I had done almost all of them. No, I take that back. I wasn’t shocked at all. I wasn’t embarrassed either. I was just pissed off. I wonder how I could have been so ignorant. How did the high intelligence that I supposedly have (as was once evidenced by an IQ test) never enter into the equation when I was thinking about finances? So I’ve been thinking, what stupid things  have I done that I wouldn’t want even my...

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Where’s the Debt – April 2012

Well it is April 1, 2012 and that means it is time for another installment of “Where’s the Debt?” My very first, Where’s the Debt? post was published on 3/22/2010. I have been writing about my debt situation for two years now. (Yep, my 2 year blog anniversary has come and gone with no big fan fare or cool giveaway, bummer dude.). In March of 2010, my debt was over $37,000. Sadly, it’s more now due to further fees being tacked on and my decision to return to school. However, I feel better about my situation now than I...

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I (finally) DID IT!

I paid off a credit card in full! Good-bye Dell Preferred Account! Today I sent in my final payment to my Dell Account. A payment of $200 should be crediting my account on Friday morning. And I will be one small step closer to becoming debt free!  On top of this, I have another credit card that is very close to being paid off. I expect it to be done in the next month or so. This depends on my income in the coming weeks. I could pay it off right now but I have yet to form a...

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