Debt Reduction

Shut It, Cinderella!: The High Price of the Princess Mentality

The princess mentatlity. It causes young girls to believe in a prince. It teaches them to be passive aggressive. And in my case, it makes me want to spend, spend, spends so I can feel like a princess. Some of the debt I'm paying off is due to my desire to be a princess.

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Tested and Failed, but Did I Pass in the End?

Yup! I failed I was tested for the first time in quite awhile. While doing my grocery shopping, an announcement came over the loud speaker. The announcer was saying there were free gifts being handed out at a certain spot. I went to check it out, of course. We listend to a demonstration on these great knives. They were so cool. And then she asked if we wanted to buy one. There was a package of a certain number of knives for just $29.99. But wait, there’s more! She added some more items in the bundle including steak knives....

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Where’s the Debt? December 2011

UGH! Can we please not talk about this right now? No? I have to stay knowledgeable about my debt? Great, I’m so excited. The reason I’m so reluctant to discuss this is that I’M NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT MY DEBT! I hate this. I have yet to make extra money to pay on it. Well, I am making two small payments each month. One $25 payment on the Dell Account that is owned by my mother, I never miss that payment since it affects her credit. I also pay on one MasterCard since the balance is relatively small (just...

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