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Shut It, Cinderella!: The High Price of the Princess Mentality

The princess mentatlity. It causes young girls to believe in a prince. It teaches them to be passive aggressive. And in my case, it makes me want to spend, spend, spends so I can feel like a princess. Some of the debt I'm paying off is due to my desire to be a princess.

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Bills, Rent and Other Expenses for Which I Don’t Have the Money

I’ve learned quite a few lessons about money and how poorly I manage it. It’s unfortunate that in order to learn these lessons, mistakes have to be made. What I’ve learned in the past two months is that when I get my student loan money, I must immediately sent it to my rental agency for rent. I can not have it sitting in my account because it will get spent. I have also learned that I eat out way too often and that needs to stop. I need to menu plan better and I need to bring in more...

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What Halloween Costume is Your Finances Dressing Up As?

Have you noticed a theme yet? This week has been in preparation for Halloween and today is no different. Today we are going to find the perfect Halloween costume for our finances! Read on to see what your money should be dressing up as. 1. Angel Have you put away an emergency fund of 6 -9 months living expenses? Are you debt free? Do you have various investments for the future that will ensure you a comfortable lifestyle from here on out? If your financial situation is the ideal. If it is working like a dream for you then your finances...

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