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Women’s Money Week: I was Young, Dumb and Totally Naive

This week has been Women’s Money Week. I wrote about Saving earlier this week and posted How to Create a Budget That Works for You. I have talked about my issues with money at great length on this blog. I’m not going to deny how ridiculous it sounds. There have been many educated people who have commented on my history with less than stellar comments. I think that when you understand money and have the type of mind that thinks ahead then stories like mine will sound ridiculous but when you’ve struggled with money, my story isn’t all that...

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Dear Kirk Cameron, We Need to Talk.

Dear Kirk Cameron, We have been together for a very long time. I think it was around 1986 when I first fell in love with you. Your beautiful eyes and adorable smile pulled me in from the very first time I saw you. I spent hours dreaming of our future together. I spent hundreds of dollars buying Bop Magazine featuring your smiling face. Hours were spent watching you on television. Did I mention that I spent hours dreaming of our future together? We were going to be so happy together. I wasn’t too worried about us when in my...

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Shut It, Cinderella!: The High Price of the Princess Mentality

The princess mentatlity. It causes young girls to believe in a prince. It teaches them to be passive aggressive. And in my case, it makes me want to spend, spend, spends so I can feel like a princess. Some of the debt I'm paying off is due to my desire to be a princess.

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