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The (Financial) Case for Atheism

So it’s a pretty big time for those who are Jewish and Christian. Passover and Easter are both big holidays during the spring time. In the Catholic religion it’s also a time for first communions and confirmations, all very big deals with the Catholic homies. I was Catholic once, I remember April being pretty busy. I’m not a Catholic anymore and while I’m not in the mood to debate the merits of being a person of faith, I did think of something that was a benefit to being atheist. I am saving killer money right now! I have seen...

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Is There Common Sense in Personal Finance?

I don’t like the phrase “common sense” when it is paired with anything related to personal finance. In my opinion, there is nothing common about finances when you are uneducated. By watching what I was being exposed to growing up, it was common to be in debt. If you needed a new car, then common sense said to get a car loan. If you were short one month and needed groceries, common sense said to use a credit card to purchase them. Those actions were common, every day occurrences and that made them common sense. The topic for this...

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What NKOTB Should Have Taught Me About Personal Finance

  Many of you may know this already, I may have mentioned it once or twice (a frillion times) that I was a HUGE obsessive massive stalker fan of New Kids on the Block. It all began in 1988 when I went to see a Tiffany concert and these five adorable boys came bouncing out on stage in their coordinating spandex outfits. I fell in love with Joey, Jordan, Jonathan, Donnie and Danny that day. My love affair lasted for the next four years. I was reunited with my true loves in 2008 when they came together after 15...

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