Setting a Goal: A Completely Insane and Totally Empowering Goal

A few years ago, while we were still married my husband and I started a fund to save for a family vacation. Our goal was to take the boys to Walt Disney World. When we divorced, it began to feel like the two of us were racing each other to be the one who took the kids on the trip. Our situations, financially did not provide for either of us to make the trip. However, this past fall, I came up with an idea and presented it to my ex-husband. That idea? The four of us go to Walt...

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2012: The Year of the Princess

2011 is ending. It has had its up and downs. I’m going to focus on the positives when I think back to this year, even if it’s only been the past couple of months. But, with that being said… I am SO going to rock 2012! As most of us do at the end of the year, I’m making plans to ensure that the new year is better than the previous one. I have a few financial, personal, blog and health related goals that I want to share with you all. Financial 1. Save $1000 in my emergency fund....

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Ensuring My Mental Wellness and Avoiding Further Financial Troubles

Taking the steps and goal setting to ensure my mental health and wellness. Avoiding financial mistakes while paying off debt, setting a budget and saving for retirement.

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