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Paying off Debt: Where Crazy Becomes Innovative

So I have this crazy idea. Some may find it brilliant. Some may call it innovative. Some may find it stupid (I really dislike that word). But I’m trying to pay off my debt and sometimes you have to get a little crazy, innovative when doing so. Money is tight and I’m working my tail off to improve my situation. I have a ton of new work coming in and that is GREAT! I’m trying to build up my emergency fund and right now I’m about 25% of the way there. I’m also trying to find extra money to...

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Credit Card Debt: The Root of all Evil

If you learn one thing from reading this blog, please remember that credit cards are bad. VERY Bad. Like time out for life kind of bad. I suppose, if are one of the rare few who can charge on a card and pay it off at the end of each month faithfully without fail! Then just maybe credit cards aren’t horrible for you. But for those of us who do not have that ability, then please, please: PAY OFF YOUR CARDS and walk away! About six months ago I set up payment plans with all the credit card companies...

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Back in My Tiara, again!*

Ahhhhhhhh *relaxed breath* Yes, I am alive. Thank you to everyone who sent me messages wondering where I have been the past few weeks. I want to share with you a little bit about me before we go any further in our relationship. Do you think you are ready for more disclosure? It’s on my part, so you are safe. When examining the why’s of my financial situation, I try not to blame anyone. I have never liked the phrase, “It’s your fault.” In most situations it just doesn’t serve any purpose. I feel it is the first way...

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