What Not to Do

What Not to Do: Lessons in Extreme Couponing

Tonight on TLC there was a special called “Extreme Couponing.” Did you watch it? I have been an avid coupon clipper for years. When I first started, I just used them at the store whenever I bought the item. I didn’t pay attention to sales, I didn’t match them up to take advantage of deals. I was pretty clueless. And then a couple of years ago, I came across a website that told me when to use my coupons and when to save them. They did the work for me. I began to buy multiple newspapers so that I...

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What Not to Do: Forget What Is Important!

“What Not to Do” is a series of posts aimed at teaching others through my mistakes. They can be used to teach young adults the perils of debt. Pave a financially secure path for your loved ones. Quick! What’s the most important part of your life? Is it your children? Maybe it’s your spouse? Or it could be your career? You may even hold your health in the “most important” spot. Whatever it may be, your decisions are usually made with what’s important in mind. Or at least they should be! Looking back, I can see that most of...

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What Not to Do: Start a Crusade on Accident

Yesterday I saw a tweet alerting the twitter population of a disgusting publication on the Amazon Kindle website. I clicked, viewed and became appalled. Here is a company I do business with on a regular basis. A company that I allow to advertise on my little blog. A company that I recommend my readers go to and make purchases. I was very upset to see this publication listed on their site. I immediately looked for a way to alert Amazon to this, obvious mistake. I then posted a tweet that said: I fully intended to boycott Amazon until such...

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