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How Important is a Credit Score?

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With the recent discussions about prepaid debit cards, I’ve been doing some thinking about credit scores. I’ve been wondering how important one is in my life. I’ve still been debating bankruptcy and if I discharge my debt there’s a possibility that I could build my credit score back up quicker. I haven’t pulled a credit report in quite some time so I do not have a clue what my number is, I’m guessing it isn’t very good (how low can it go?). I know that some employers are looking at credit scores to determine the hiring potential for a...

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5 Ways To Get Out Of Debt

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  This is a guest post. Opinions are that of the author (although I think they are pretty sound!) Enjoy!   It can be difficult to define a definitive debt payoff plan for everyone, because an effective plan should be largely dependent on several factors that are specific to a person’s situation. Considerations such as the amount of debt, the type of debt (credit card, student loans, etc), and income should be taken into account. Nonetheless, there are some general steps that I think everyone can take in order to begin getting out of debt. 1. Get Organized The...

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Shut It, Cinderella!: The High Price of the Princess Mentality

The princess mentatlity. It causes young girls to believe in a prince. It teaches them to be passive aggressive. And in my case, it makes me want to spend, spend, spends so I can feel like a princess. Some of the debt I'm paying off is due to my desire to be a princess.

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