These are the People in Your Neighborhood, thank goodness!

July 21, 2010

I don’t have a lot of great support around me; I’ve posted about that a couple of times. But I have found a great support and friend in my neighbor, Janelle*. Her and her husband are both great people and I adore them. Even more than that, they inspire me. Why do they inspire me, you ask? Well…

Rob and Janelle* paid off over $60,000 in debt in two years!

I know, right? It’s amazing what hard work and drive can do. I am so lucky to have me them. They have shown me that this can be done. They have shown me what the end result of paying off debt is like and how freeing it can be.

I was first introduced to them a few years ago during a rough time in my marriage. While my ex-husband was sitting around the house day in and day out after losing his very good job, Rob was working THREE jobs! While my husband was using credit cards to pay our bills instead of trying to fix our problems, Rob & Janelle were making decisions that would help them achieve a mutual goal. Their goal was to allow Janelle, a teacher, to stay home with their children.

I was inspired just a bit more by them this past week. They went on vacation for the week (paid with cash, mind you. No credit cards in their household!), they let me borrow their car for the week.

During their debt reduction process they sold off a car loan and bought a less expensive car for Janelle to drive. She has been driving it for quite a few years now.

I got the luxury of driving a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis this week thanks to the kindness of Janelle & Rob. When I sat in it for the first time, I looked around and thought “Wow, this is really old. Where’s the CD player? Man this seat doesn’t work and the window is broken, this thing is a piece of sh*t.” But as I drove it, I realized something. This car was getting me where I needed to be, the kids were safe in their car seats & seat belts and the radio worked but even if it didn’t, would it hurt us to talk?

Just a short while ago I would have thought myself too good to drive a car like that. If things had broken in my car, I would have paid to have it fixed even if it were out of my own pocket. Janelle has been driving her car with a dent in the side after a minor accident, having taken the insurance payment and applied it towards their savings. Why fix it? The door still worked just fine.

I’ve learned what Janelle & Rob already knew, nothing is nicer than being debt free. A new car is not worth having a large loan looming over their heads. Driving an older car so she could stay home with her kids is a price most mothers would make, right?

I am inspired by their struggles and sacrifices. I am beyond impressed and amazed at Rob’s hard work when working three jobs! I am truly lucky to know them and continue to look forward to learning more tips and tricks from them.

Do you have a story about getting out of debt? Please email me at and share your story. I would love to feature it on my blog.


Rob & Janelle followed the teachings of Dave Ramsey in his book Should you be interested in buying this book, please follow to purchase it with Amazon.com

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent. ;)

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  1. jayewalking on July 21, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    Great post! It is so empowering to know others who have travelled the same road and who have done it successfully too! It lets you know that it is possible to do the same. So glad that you have friends like them to encourage you!



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