Cornucopia of Thanks: Debt Princess Style

November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving all you wonderful readers out there.

Before I dive into this post I want to start off with what I am most thankful for (when it comes to this blog) and that would be YOU! This blog wouldn’t be what it is today without you reading it and then returning to it. I am always amazed that anyone cares what I have to say but I’m so very happy that you do.

So Thanksgiving is supposed to be about being grateful for what we have in our life. Here’s a few things that I have:

-Thank you AT&T Universal Mastercard for being my very first credit card. If you hadn’t offered me a free t-shirt and made it so darn easy to apply, I never would have known the joys of credit.

-Thank you Discover, Sears, JC Penny, Macy’s, Abercrombie & Fitch and so many others for taking a chance on a college student who earned very little money. Your faith in my ability to pay is truly amazing.

-Thank you Sallie Mae. The ease with which I was and still can get student loans always leaves me with a special feeling inside. Your willingness to postpone my payments until I make more money is to be commended. Thank you for tacking the interest onto the principal to make my life easier.

-Thank you Visa, Mastercard & Discover for being everywhere on my college campus. You made it so easy to find a kiosk and apply for more credit cards. I am especially thankful for the night that I applied for one card on High Street and got a large plastic mug, perfect for holding beer. It was made even better when the next stand offered me a $5 bill to buy beer for said mug! You guys rock!

-Thank you former step-father for telling me to file bankruptcy at the age of 23 with a credit card balance of $15,000. Explaining to me that it was so easy to do (you should know, you’d done it three times before) and then telling me that I could just walk away from it is something I will always be thankful for. I’m so glad you didn’t know a thing about finances and could educated me on the ways of budgeting & cutting back.

-Thank you mental capacities. You are just so amazing with your instant gratification addiction. I don’t know what I would have done without you. You fit perfectly with all those amazing credit card companies.

-Thank you again to my brain. I’m so glad it never occurred to you that there was another way to live and it could be done without debt. You rock!

I am thankful for all of this because without all of you guys, there would be no Debt Princess. So thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


I also blog at A Five Star Life. I write about anything that comes to mind but try to focus on finding the good in daily life.

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2 Responses to Cornucopia of Thanks: Debt Princess Style

  1. Jessie on November 24, 2011 at 6:19 am

    Thats a great way to look at thing! So many people dwell on the bad!

    Hope you have a Great Thanksgiving! :)
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    • Jessica The DebtPrincess on November 30, 2011 at 11:27 am

      Oh I dwell on the bad and sometimes it wins. But I try really hard to look at the bright side of things as well. Humor helps, a lot!



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