Finding Affordable Insurance

February 8, 2012

Life has been improving over the past five months. I can honestly say that I haven’t been this happy in years.

I have concerns though.

I am currently uninsured. I have been on state funded insurance in the past and I recently reapplied for it again. I can’t afford self employed insurance on the income that I have earned in the past few months. I’d love to be able to pay for it but I feel that will be awhile before it can happen.

I am also living without life insurance and that also worries me. If something should happen to me, I will have nothing to leave for the care of my children.

I am now in search of affordable life insurance. I am going to use sites like Aptus to find a plan that I can carry with my budget. (If I were a senior I would search for Medicare supplement quotes for supplemental insurance.)

In the meantime, I am going to look into options for students through my university. I know that I can get health insurance for myself and that may be my option if I do not qualify for state funded medical insurance.

I do not know what my university offers for life insurance. I do know that the alumni association has sent offers in the mail in the past, I will look into that.

One other step I am going to take is to start exercising and eating right. I need to take care of my health. That is the best insurance available to me.

I also blog at A Five Star Life. I write about anything that comes to mind but try to focus on finding the good in daily life.

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