Where’s the Debt? (3/22/10)

March 24, 2010

Just a quick update on my week. Yea it pretty much sucks right now.

My support payments did not get deposited as they should have and my checking account is overdrawn. This is, of course, going to cost me even more money. Catching up is going to be so difficult as my phone bill comes due as well as other items that require money. Lesson learned: keep an accurate checking register to avoid over-drawing my account.

I am supposed to call my credit card companies to set up some payment arrangements however, I do not have any money to offer them. I’m hoping to be able to make these calls by the end of the week.

My emergency fund lost its twenty bucks this week. I had to use it to buy some toiletries for the kids and myself. Lesson learned here is that it’s best to keep funds like this in an account that you can’t easily reach.

I did put a call in for a potential job. I am going to try to get a paper route. Our city has morning delivery which works great for our schedule. I can deliver the papers before my mom needs the truck to go to work. Their ad says that you can earn $600-800 a month. That would be great! I could definitely pay on all my cards with that.

How are you doing? Up for this week’s challenge? Don’t be scared. Knowing how much you owe is very empowering! I am more determined now to reach my goal of being debt free than ever before!

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  1. Katie on March 26, 2010 at 10:19 am

    Hey Jess, Have you tried mint.com at all? Apparently husband has had all our accounts set up in there and I just now saw it this morning. It's fascinating and I think will be fantastic for seeing exactly where our money is going (answer: restaurants). They have a lot of debt/credit card tools. Maybe it would be useful.



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