SpringCoin, Paying Off Debt and Me

February 28, 2012

What is SpringCoin?

SpringCoin is a debt management program that offers an easy, quick and cost-effective way to get out of debt. It uses an automatic process to develop a plan for you to get out of debt. The combination of it’s reward system and easy to use interface make it an excellent choice for debtors.

Who should use SpringCoin?

Me, for one! It is for those of us having trouble making debt payments and are interested in improving our financial health will benefit from the unique programs that SpringCoin has to offer.

How does SpringCoin work?

When you sign up for SpringCoin, you give them permission to look at your credit report as well as your bank accounts. They will then link those accounts to your SpringCoin account and then provide you with a plan that should work for your financial situation. SpringCoin will remind you bills that you have due.


I need to add more information to my account. I certainly have more than one bill!

Awesome Features of SpringCoin

One feature that I really like about SpringCoin is that the negotiating is done through the consumer. That is, IF you need to negotiate debt settlement (like I may be doing), the power is in your hands, not an employee. This power is what every consumer needs, in my opinion. The ability to talk with a collection agency and work out a deal is going to make the process more real. And in the end, I think it will help the consumer avoid repeating the cycle of debt.

When I first looked at SpringCoin, I thought that it would be really interesting if the software was able to recognize areas in your budget that needed help and then provide you education for it. GUESS WHAT? Apparently the guys over there are as brilliant as I am because they have done just that. SpringCoin has integrated Financial Education into the software. How fabulous is that?

When it sees an area that you are struggling with, for example you are dining out too much. SpringCoin can offer you a link to an article that will provide further education on how you can decrease your dining out budget. Genius! It’s providing even more power to the consumer and again, helping to avoid a repeating cycle of debt.

Another feature that I enjoy from SpringCoin (and the number of other businesses I see doing this), is the rewards they offer you. Each time you provide more information for your account, whether it is adding another checking account or creating a budget, you earn points. With this points, you can earn gift cards! While becoming debt free should be reward enough, the extra bonus of gift cards just makes it even more amazing. 

Singing Up with SpringCoin

If you would like to sign up for SpringCoin, I strongly urge you to do so. Their program begins at just $8.00 a month with a basic plan but there is also the Premium plan for $35 and get this, if the software doesn’t think you would benefit from using the premium plan, it will actually suggest you choose the basic. Such transparency is rare in this industry.

I have signed up with SpringCoin just recently. I am going to utilize their program to assist with paying off my debt. Each month or so, I am going to update you on my progress (and there WILL BE progress). Hopefully my progress will encourage others who read about it to take control of their own debt problems.

If you aren’t sure if this is the right program for you, you are in luck! SprinCoin is offering my readers 3 Free Months of service! Sign up today, this is a limited time offer!

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