Making a Little Boy’s Dream Come True

February 13, 2012

Today’s post is an attempt to make my 9 year old son, Ean’s dream come true!

I am entering to win a session of summer camp for a child at Catalina Island Camps from The SITS Girls.

When I found out about this contest, I immediately called Ean to the couch and we looked over the CIC site. The first pic he saw was a girl swinging in the air and he looked at me and said “NO WAY!”

This is the child that I know: he is so very smart but he suffers from anxiety disorder. Usually the anxiety kicks in and stops him from doing anything adventurous and I was worried that he would shut this down before we even got to discuss it.

And then he saw:


and then he saw some boys with rifles and he lost it. Even after I explained to him the location, the lack of parents and the unknown, he was so excited. He tried to get me to promise to pay for it even if I can’t win.

I’m writing this post now, an hour after talking to Ean and I’m still so proud of his willingness to try something new. He’s willing to sleep away from home for a week at a time, he is willing to try archery, sailing, snorkeling and more for the first time EVER!

I want this for Ean so badly, so I’ve entered this contest. Cross your fingers folks!


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